1. What file formats can be converted?
Click Here to view our conversion chart.

2. How many files can be converted at a time?
Due to the set up of our site, only one file can be submitted at a time. Once the file is submitted, there is no waited, go back to the home page and submit you next file.

3. How many different formats can I receive back?
We can only send you back one formatted file. If you wish for an addition file format you can resubmit the original file and select a different format to be received.

4. I’m new at this, how does this work?
Customer satisfaction is our main concern, and the best way to see this accomplished is to make the process as simple and as quick as possible.
1st, Click BROWSE to locate the file you wish to convert on your computer.
2nd, Select the format you wish to convert into (NOTE* depending upon the file format submitted only certain formats will be shown to be converted to.)
3rd, Enter your email address
4th, Click submit and wait for you file to download.
A confirmation window will pop up stating whether the file was able to upload correctly or not. Now all you have to do is check your email address for the completed file. Once you receive the email, click on the link provided and download the file onto your computer. Its that simple!!

5. What is the maximum size file I can submit?
As of now the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10mb. Anything larger then that will be bounced back and may not upload correctly.

6. How long does it take to convert my file?
Based upon the number of files that have been submitted by user, your file could be returned to you within 3 min up to 30 min. If you do not receive your file within 1 hr, please try again.

7. How do I pay?
That’s the best part: You Don’t! All our service are free of charge.

8. How do I receive the completed file?
When the conversion process is completed you will receive an email with a download page link for your file. Click on the file link and select the folder you wish to save your file.

9. How long will my file be able to be downloaded?
We leave completed file in our database for up to 2 days. After that period, completed files area deleted. If you need the converted file after the 2 days period, you must resubmit the file for conversion.

10. I cannot open the convert file, what’s wrong?
Many times the convert file is in a format that requires a specific program to be able to be viewed. Double check to see if you have a program that will open the new format. If you have the proper program, make sure that the converted file is in the correct version. Many time new version files are unable to open correction in older version programs. Do double check the version selected; you can review the order information in the completed file email that is sent to your inbox. If you are still unable to open the file, please visit our debug page.

11. So this service is free? Why? How can I thank you?
We created this service for copyartwork.com clients who often need this type of service but we are releasing it to the public! Please keep copyartwork.com in mind if you ever need project vectorizing or redrawn. You can also visit one of our site sponsors to show your support. Or you can donate using Paypal any amount to Info@Copyartwork.com. Or you can link Copyartwork.com or Filespazz.com onto your site. Please let us know if you need a custom size banner made for your site.

12. Are there limitation to this service?
Unfortunately there are some. We have to put some limitations so we can make sure all the file can process in a reasonable time.

  1. No files over 10MB
  2. CorelDraw X4 files
  3. Sometimes file with other languages names get “stuck” in our system, please rename the file as a simple no space, no symbols, one English word name.

When dealing with vector artwork, it is very important that the format is correct. Many graphic artists and designers use Adobe Illustrator to create artwork, while many others use Corel Draw. Both programs are well known and well used in graphic arts. However, the way they create object and other details is completed different and many time are not able to be converted over correctly. One step that artist use is to save the file as an EPS format, which is able to open is both Corel and Adobe. However, depending upon the detail and which program the file is created in, it may not be able to be opened in either program. For example, if a logo that has a lot of shading and gradients is created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an EPS format, it cannot simply convert into a CorelDraw file. The creation of the detail is different is unable to translate over. The artwork must be redrawn in that program. However, files that are simple, solid colors, the file can be converted over no problem. For more information, contact our Customer Support.